Dream Team

The puzzle it lingers

I like the feeling of it, slipping through my fingers

Letting go, feel the flow, take it slow,

and there’s your breath on my shoulder.

We’re getting older, our ways of seeing,



to pave for a hopeful smile.

With it comes the anxiety,

that futuristic enemy that’s blinding. Suffocating.

We know better now though

because we know the truth.

It’s in the proof of the light that spills in when we hate it.

At times, misery loves company. and

It’s easy to forget the survival game.

We’re not the same but I can benefit from you.

Hold my hand and take a step in a new direction

This is all just a time of humbling reflection

The story is now; grab it, have it, and

Share it with me.

We can speak ideas; philosophy.

And in my dream there’s nothing sadder,

than to not conquer the world with words that matter.

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