Sun, Stars and Scars

When everyone wants you, but not really

They don’t see me.

I see that they don’t see the mystery, but it’s worth solving.

What do you want out of this?

To sit there and act like the world doesn’t exist?

Is it all too much?

Does the truth set you free,

or does it trap you in time, in a constant misery?

Be smart.

Plan ahead.

Protect your heart

In fear of everything coming apart…

And you still don’t get it.

I am the sun. I am the stars and the scars I carry with me.

I am You. I see me in the reflection of You.

Now do you recognize me?

Lonely, scared, and unprepared of what lies before,

because I can’t see it.

Controlling the heart of love, keeping it to yourself, and throwing away the key…

I just still wonder if there’s enough room for me.

I pray to believe it.



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