Hungry for Possibility

There are possibilites–

They are unknown

I’d rather stop resisting

And just go with the flow.

For I’ve been to the bottom, and you’ll never know

how far you’ll go.

The possibilities keep us going.

The possibilities in the form of hope

that wasn’t present before

So many lives in this one life

or atleast that’s what lessons feel like.

Should we ignore negative possibilities

as it casts a spotlight onto anxiety?

Or shall we keep rising each time after crumbling

because that’s what life really is?

Reality isn’t real, but the possibilities are,

although they are unknown.

Does this make sense? Yes and No.

Do you want to feel grounded?

Question for you and myself, I suppose.

Speaking our truth helps us get back.

When I feel insecure…

“I am beautiful. I am loved. I am enough. I am grateful for my growth and future growth.”

Keep saying it, over and over

because that’s the truth.

Change your mind of the negatives.

Let’s transform this and let’s keep breathing.

What do you hear? See? Smell? Feel?

This is all we know.

The possibilities will always linger

Although they are anonymous.

Let’s make them known, and let’s get creative.

Don’t allow the possibilities to slip through your fingers.

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