By Victoria Jeffers

Hey Y'all!

Just a little about me:

Louisiana Native, but now I live in Austin, Texas.
I've never lived an easy life. Never.
I love most food. I'm mostly always hungry. Speaking of food, I still miss my cajun food.
I'm ADD to the extreme.
I play piano. I sing.
I'll always believe that Taxation is Theft.
I still believe I'm an immature writer.
I try to be the truest person you know.

Hungry for Possibility

There are possibilites– They are unknown I’d rather stop resisting And just go with the flow. For I’ve been to the bottom, and you’ll never know how far you’ll go. The possibilities keep us going. The possibilities in the form of hope that wasn’t present before So many lives in this one life or atleast that’s what lessons feel like. Should we ignore negative possibilities as it casts a spotlight onto anxiety? Or shall we keep rising each time after crumbling because that’s what life really is? Reality isn’t real, but the possibilities are, although they are unknown. Does this…

To all of the Friends I Lost During my Divorce

You notice how I didn’t put friends in quotation marks? That’s because I know that at one time, we were friends. Even great friends. I would host house parties and cook, and I would always try to make sure no one was left out. Believe me, I know I’m not the best host…or even the best friend for that matter. I have SO MANY imperfections…just like the rest of humanity. And I know at times I was a difficult person to be around, due to my head strong, opinionated, and sometimes selfish personality that can be easily perceived as bitchiness.…

The Big 3

I had a “normal” life. I had a house, a yard, and became a wife. The year 2017 started off as any, but there were many issues I had to fall from, from the year before. No one’s life gets to start over because it’s a new year, right? My marriage was broken, like an unspoken agreement of hate that even spewed through our smiles when we tried. My plans with my other true lover masked the insecurities of never being alone. And then my other lover was taken from me at the hands of his motorcycle that made him…

Dream Team

The puzzle it lingers I like the feeling of it, slipping through my fingers Letting go, feel the flow, take it slow, and there’s your breath on my shoulder. We’re getting older, our ways of seeing, believing, relieving, to pave for a hopeful smile. With it comes the anxiety, that futuristic enemy that’s blinding. Suffocating. We know better now though because we know the truth. It’s in the proof of the light that spills in when we hate it. At times, misery loves company. and It’s easy to forget the survival game. We’re not the same but I can benefit…

Sun, Stars and Scars

When everyone wants you, but not really They don’t see me. I see that they don’t see the mystery, but it’s worth solving. What do you want out of this? To sit there and act like the world doesn’t exist? Is it all too much? Does the truth set you free, or does it trap you in time, in a constant misery? Be smart. Plan ahead. Protect your heart In fear of everything coming apart… And you still don’t get it. I am the sun. I am the stars and the scars I carry with me. I am You. I…

Finding My Voice in Austin

Hey, Readers! It’s good to be back. It’s only been a few weeks, but I haven’t exactly been in the headspace to write. Writing is sort of like meditation though, because it gets me to align my thoughts and to connect with myself, as well as all of you. For now, I’m not going to feed into this eternal nostalgia that I’ve seemed to be carrying with me. I’ve decided to focus on all of the good people I’ve met, and what I do that makes me feel so free and at home here. The feeling of home can mean…

To be Continued

The last time I was on here, I wrote about how I moved to Austin, TX and how that was part of the major change I went through (and am still going through) in my life. I have to say, I was not thinking that so many people would read what I had to say, besides my closest three friends, and maybe some of my family. I had people from all over the world read what I had to say. The thought is so wild to me. I have had a couple of foreign exchange students, so I knew their…

New City, New Me

  “What made you move to Austin?” That’s everyone’s favorite question to me here. A question I loved at first, then loathed, then came to terms with. Even though I only lived five hours away previously, it is like I am completely foreign. That’s great a lot of the time, because I can introduce them to all that Louisiana has to offer. I mean, Louisiana is unlike anywhere else in the world. And now the anniversary of my move to Austin is coming up. Weird! I used to answer that question by saying, “A series of unfortunate events led me…